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We has been producing fresh seafood since 2003. We are trusted by many clients from all over the country.
Chen Ling Choy Fishery Sdn Bhd founded in 2003 and registered in 2015 under the name Chen Ling Choy Fishery Sdn Bhd by our founder and director Mr. Chen Ling Choy. We are a fast growing seafood trading company who sells fresh seafood that has undergone primary processing, such as cleaning, cutting and peeling as well as processed seafood. Our product portfolio consists of more than 100 different products of fresh and frozen seafood. These products are made from a broad range of seafood, including prawns and crab as well as from various types of fish, shellfish, and cephalopods.
The company can provide its services for all kinds of seafood products. We have a team of experts which have more than 21 years of purchasing and sourcing experience and resources. We communicate on information openly and honestly with our client, offer value-added services and manage our business professionally, and deliver what the client exactly in a precise manner. We are mainly involved in hunting for products, manufacturing and sending samples, ordering, examining and delivering goods and so on.
We are a customer oriented company and take all steps to fulfill our customer needs. We always work for the benefit of our customers by making sure of thoroughly checking the goods as well as comparing and analysis of the option. We believe in building long term relationship with all our customers be it from fishmongers to end user. Customers’ interest is our 1st priority. We always try to accelerate customer’s gain by understanding their business needs and delivering precise quality and quantity at the assured time. And this is what we do, we are Chen Ling Choy Fishery Sdn Bhd.
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  • 2003

    Business began by our founder Mr. CHEN LING CHOY, who is a member of one of the largest fishery family in Seremban.

  • 2004

    Officially registered with Government Business Registration with the founder name of “CHEN LING CHOY”. Our vision is to become one of the largest seafood supplier in Malaysia, with our ambition and passion as well as in line with the market needs on fresh and frozen seafood. In order to achieve our goals, we are working out with our first concept as “CLC – Concise, Lean Production, and Convenient”. Providing customers “Fast, Clean and Safe food” is our mission.

  • 2006

    Making our first step of expanding to frozen food to our main business line, in return, revenue is successfully growing as well as our customers’ profile.

  • 2009

    After 5 years of “foundation build” in our business. We are starting our big step of expanding by acquiring our first 1-ton lorry. In the meantime, we are still growing rapidly.

  • 2011

    Two years later from the acquisition of our very first lorry, we acquired another 3-ton lorry for our business needs as the number of customers increased.

  • 2012

    Early this year, we successfully acquired our new factory as the biggest step in expanding our business. Moving to a new stage for our company.

  • 2015

    Registered as Chen Ling Choy Fishery Sdn Bhd. Beginning to engage with corporate customers where and grow our overall customers’ portfolio.

  • 2016 - 2017

    Having a great success with our first relationship with corporate customers, we gained more corporate customers during this year. Due to this increase of demand, we acquired our new cold-room lorry and mobile vehicle to cope with our business needs. Concurrently, we are still undergoing our factory expansion.

  • 2018 – 2019

    Given the successful year in 2018 with a series of expansion plan for the company, we are moving to our export and import businesses within Asia country in 2019. And this will be our main focus of this year. We greatly appreciate for all the stakeholders who supported us in the past, and look forward to continuing our relationship well into the future.

  • 2020

    Having a good year start with the increasing sales during CNY. Another company registered Chen Ling Choy Fishery Sdn Bhd to focus local market. Unfortunately, no one can escape the impact of the Covid-19 virus outbreak. After noticed the difficulty of the public, our founder has decided to give away more than 10 tons of the fishes to help the people who are seriously impacted by this circumstance. Moreover, our founder had awarded few credits during these times which included the Golden Bull Awards 2020; SME 100 Awards 2020; The Brand Laureate World’s e-Branding Awards 2020; Lang International Corporate Titan Awards (LICTA). These awards really gave the encouragement to the company where the contribution and afford in the past is finally being recognized. We will continue to serve our stakeholders with the value we are trusted and look toward recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • 2021-2022

    We survived!! Thank you for all the stakeholders who supported us during the Covid-19 pandemic! We had restructured and enhanced both our infrastructure and man-power. As a result, We, Chen Ling Choy Fishery Sdn Bhd, were successfully received the Halal certification for our supplied products during April 2022. With this Halal certification, we committed to continuing serving the best to our customers. Furthermore, we are now expanded our ability to serve the Muslim community as well as opened the potential to serve the market in the Middle East in the coming year. We have awarded the “Outstanding Agriculture Products Import & Export Award” in “The 6th Malaysia Agro Excellence Award 2022” too.

  • 2023

    And now, with continuous growth for the past 20 years, we have prepared a series of expansion plan for the company, and it will be the coming trends and challenges for our company. Thank you for all the stakeholders who supported us during the last 20 years.